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What We've Done

Some of our work

The Share Factory

Josh came to us with a unique request.  Given the rough economic times, he knew people were in need and understood the web is a great way to connect people.  The Share Factory was born, allowing anyone to post a request for personal help.  Whether his customers have medical problems, tuition payments, or need assistance with bills, The Share Factory is there for them.  A simple, uplifting design lends strong brand image to a simple, effective user interface.


Lunawarehouse specializes in lighting products.  They came to us with Google Analytics needs.  We set them up with a full suite of tracking, so they could view their precise advertising ROI by each ad source.  They also received product tracking, sales trends, and a wealth geographic information about their customers.


PJTV needed immediate assistance with data quality issues.  They were running a massive advertising campaign over the ‘08 winter holiday to drive site subscriptions.  They contacted us right at the close of business, and we had a quote to them the next day and began work immediately.  Soon after, PJTV received International media coverage that drove tremendous site traffic.  They were able to make sense of it all and leverage the full power of Google Analytics.