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Email Marketing

Make Your Marketing More Effective

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Email marketing has the benefit of reaching a large customer base for pennies on the dollar. It's easy to start, but difficult to master. Many potential customers will simply delete or ignore mass emails if they're seen as spam. Gaining user permission to send emails is the essential first step to a reputable and successful marketing campaign. Just1 can help you increase open and conversion rates by designing effective email campaigns.

Increase Open Rates
Test and optimize subject lines and messages
Create campaigns for specific segments for greater effect
Deliver dynamic content tailored to each niche
Global Reach
Support for emails in multiple languages
On-page content structuring ensures best results
Detailed keyword research targets niches
Track For Success
Track open rates, leads, conversions, and sales
Segment your reports to view target market response
Follow up with your most profitable customers
Integrate With Other Systems
Give sales reps an edge with CRM integration
Track follow through sales with Google Analytics
Export data for additional reporting
Get Started
Plans for thousands to millions of emails per month
Flexible solution grows with your business
Generates repeat sales and builds lasting relationships